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Rayovac(R) Head Lamp
From R.H.
s SS
Well when the Runner and I have conversations on what gear is the best, we always seem to agree that it is the gear that neither of us own yet. However I have a great light from Rayovak(R), This companys only model of head lamp. It has a white light Krypton bulb, 2 blue LEDs  and 1 red LED , I got it from Wal-Mart for about $12. With a name brand battery it will last about 200 hours with the LED and about 3 nights with the white Krypton bulb on. The red LED is nice in camp or moving about, it keeps from blinding your buddy and is still hard to see the red coming.

A note from The Ridge Runner:
My Moonlight finally bit the dust (after 3 years of abuse!)and I had yet to get a new head lite. I bought another expensive one at a major sporting goods store and RH brought his Rayovac....and my expensive light just didnt stand up. The Red LEDs werent bright enough, there were NO white LEDs on it so I was forced to use the Kripton bulb which blinded RH and ruined my night vision....I was not thrilled. So the next trip we went on, I bought a new Rayovac like RH's. It was a good buy indeed!I must say I am impressed! it truly does live up to what I need in a head lamp. On my last solo, it got nice and wet and still keeps working without a hitch..  I do love the Black Diomand Moonlight but this light has more features....It will be a hard choice between the new Moonlight and this one on my next trip!
big>Duluth Pack "Standard Shell Bag" (R)
From The Ridge Runner: A couple years ago, I picked  up a nice new Shoulder bag, the Duluth Pack Standard Shell Bag.  The one I have came in Blue and I really like the way it hangs on me. I have been using various courier bags and a German Bred bag for my Maxi kit and I thought I would like something a little more classy. Well I got a big surprise here, it is very comfortable and the seams are very well stitched. I have used it on and off for the past two years and it has turned out to be a very well put togeather item. I have used it for campine, muzzleloading supplys, work gear and low and behold, a place for shotgun shells! For all of these tasks it stood up and shows little or no wear. My only complaint is that it is not the least bit waterproof..but then its canvas so I wasnt really expecting that. I added some camp dry and stored sensitive items in ditty bags and it worked just fine.
 The leatherwork is very fine with a nice leather medalion on the front. All in all, a natty bag big enough to hold all the essentials.

Outdoor Edge(R) Wedge II 


This is the Outdoor  Edge "Wedge II"(R) , I picked up this knife at a local sporting goods store and it looks quite promising. It has a longer handle and blade than the Wedge  I and seems to be quite rugged. It fills the hand nicely and the sheath seems secure. First impressions of the knife include a good solid feel and is very lightweight . The blade reminds me of the tip of a very fine grade chefs knife and lends itself well to food prep tasks , skinning and cleaning game. The handle seems quite sticky with good control characteristics. The jimping on the top of the blade extends right into the handle material and lends itself well to fine tasks. The edge is fine and is razor sharp. The overall fit and finish of this knife is quite nice although the huge "WEDGEII"  etching on the blade detracts from its overall looks. After using this blade for a while I can say it is fine for a camp knife. for survival, it would do in a pinch but the blade is a mite thin for heavy chores. it fillets fish nicely and does bring a squirrel down to its lowest denomination with ease. However, its just not cut out for shelter building.  Combine this little knife with a larger knife or a sierra saw and you will have a decent rig for the woods.

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